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Top 9 Best Padang Food , You Must Try !

image source : IdnTimes

Top 9 Best Padang Food , You Must Try ! - Padang city is a city located in the province of West Sumatra and became the capital. The city is famous for its variety of cuisines that have typical Indonesian spices.

Therefore, many people come to the city of Padang for a vacation or just to taste the typical culinary of the field.

The typical food of padang is also very much and all of them have different tastes, typical, and delicious.

Of these foods, I have summarized into some of the best padang food.

Here are some of the best padang foods:

1. Nasi Padang

image source : traveloka.com

The first is Nasi Padang, this food is one of the favorites of padang people even throughout Indonesia. Because the price is cheap and has a good taste and filling.

So Nasi Padang contains a rice that is given a splash of spice sauce, given vegetables, and side dishes as a complement.

It is said, if you buy one portion of padang rice, then wrapped then the contents are more than eating on the spot.

2. Sate Padang

image source : Wikipedia.org

Padang satay is chicken meat that is pierced using skewers, seasoned, then burned,

When cooked, padang satay is served with a thick brown gravy that has a spicy taste.

Padang satay is also consumed with lontong to make it fuller.

For those of you who do not know what lontong is, so lontong is rice wrapped using banana leaves and then brushed on boiling water.

The taste of lontong is the same as rice, but the difference lies in the texture, lontong has a soft texture compared to rice.

3. Rendang Padang

image source : Tokopedia

This is the most famous food, Rendang Padang. Who doesn't know padang rendang food? This padang rendang food is one of the best foods in the world.

So that its popularity is not only in Indonesia, but also in the world!

What makes rendang can make the best food in the world?

It can happen because of the manufacturing process that takes a long time. The beef cut is then given a special seasoning cooked for 6-8 hours.

Of course the long time so that the seasoning can seep into the rendang meat.

The longer the rendang is cooked, the brownish to blackish.

4. Dendeng Balado

image source : Cookpad

Dendeng Balado is a beef food sliced into thin shapes and then seasoned with red balado.

Balado seasoning is produced from red chili peppers given shallots, garlic, and salt.

5. Dendeng Batokok

image source : resepkoki.id

Dendeng Batokok at first glance looks similar to the Dendeng balado. The difference is that it lies in the processed meat. Jerky batokok using beef that is beaten so that the shape until it becomes scab and thin.

For the seasoning is not much different from Dendeng balado.

6. Soto Padang

image source : resepistimewa.com

Soto padang is a food with beef broth and then given vermicelli, cuts of beef, crackers, and rice as a complement.

Soto padang food is suitable to be consumed when it is still hot so that the sensation of fresh and savory taste is obtained.

7. Dadih

image source : linesehat.com

Dadih is a traditional food of padang city. Curd is made from buffalo milk fermented inside bamboo sticks.

It tastes similar to yogurt, so padang people often call it also minangkabau yogurt.

8. Chicken Pop

image source : Wikipedia.org

Pop chicken is actually the same as fried chicken in general. But the typical pop chicken of this field there has little difference in its color.

When the chicken pop is fried, the color does not turn brown but still remains pale a.k.a. slightly creamy. The chicken used in chicken pop is the native chicken.

9. Sate Lokan

image source : jadiberita.com

Sate lokan is a culinary that is commonly enjoyed by the coastal people of padang city. Sate lokan made from shellfish ( green clams) , seasoned, then burned.

It tastes so good and fresh! Moreover, coupled with a splash of peanut sauce, guaranteed to be more delicious!


Those are the 9 best padang foods to try.

Hopefully this article can be useful and add to your insights about Indonesian food, especially in the city of Padang.

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