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Top 5 Best Variants Flavor of Roti Canai In Indonesia

image source : prasmanan.com

Top 5  Best Variants Flavor of Roti Canai  In Indonesia - Roti canai or commonly called roti prata is a circular food with a slightly brownish color.

Roti canai originally came from India. But now it has spread to various countries around the world, especially in Asian countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, to Indonesia.

In his home country, roti canai food is usually consumed with chicken curry or goat curry. They do not use beef because it is prohibited by the local government.

Even so, roti canai still has its own appeal to people who like food.

Roti canai spread to various countries following the tastes of the people in their respective countries. For example, indonesia itself.

The flavor variant of roti canai is modified according to the times and tastes of the people. Even from the results of these modifications become a favorite and consumed by many people.

Here are some variants of the favorite canai flavor in Indonesia:

1. Roti Canai Kare

image source : tokopedia.com

Curry or also called curry is mandatory for people who like roti canai with a savory taste.

Curry seasoning used in Indonesia is also adapted to the surrounding natural state, namely using typical Indonesian spices such as turmeric, ginger, cumin, coriander, etc.

In addition, the curry used is also commonly filled with potatoes and meat.

The way to eat is quite unique, roti canai is cut into small pieces, pressed by hand, then roti canai is put into a curry container, then eaten.

2. Roti Canai Cheese

image source : food.grab.com

Roti canai Cheese, this is the mainstay menu for people who like to eat roti canai. Using a sprinkling of cheddar cheese and sweetened condensed milk, it is a very suitable blend.

The sweet taste of sweet and savory condensed milk from cheese, when consumed with roti canai, in guarantee makes the taste want to eat continuously!

Recently there is a new flavor variant, namely roti canai mozzarella cheese.

3. Roti Canai Chocolate

image source : tokomesin.com

The chocolate flavor variant of roti canai is usually given a sweetened condensed milk flavor of chocolate and a sprinkling of meses. Not only that, the chocolate flavor variant is now combined with nuts or cheese to make it more delicious!

An elite version of the chocolate flavor is also available using Nutella chocolate. The price is more expensive than using chocolate meses.

4.Roti Canai Durian 

image source : steemit.com

Durian roti canai is a variant of flavor that arguably just appeared on the surface. Because it is still rare for roti canai shop to provide durian flavor.

Even so, when there is a shop that provides roti canai taste durian, when people come directly become a target and a favorite for those who try.

Its sweet and legit taste is the reason people to choose the flavor variant of durian roti canai

The taste of durian here is there that uses real durian fruit and then consumed with roti canai, or there are also processed durian first.

5. Roti Canai Ice Cream

image source : twitter.com

This ice cream flavor variant is suitable for consumption when the weather is hot, the cold taste of ice cream along with the savory roti canai is guaranteed to eliminate the sultry and hot taste.

The ice cream are placed on top of the roti canai, then given the old milk to its sweet and a sprinkling of meses to make it more palatable to look at.


Those are Top 5  Best Variants Flavor of Roti Canai  In Indonesia

This article was created in a personal opinion.

Hopefully this artIkel can be useful and add to your culinary insights.

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