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Delicious ! Top 6 Best Variety Of Rice Colors

image source : selerasa.com

Delicious ! Top 6 Best Variety of Rice Colors  - Rice is a food derived from rice. Rice is also one of the most consumed staple foods in the world.

People eat rice usually with side dishes as a companion so that the tongue does not feel bland in eating rice.

The high content of carbohydrates and nutrients is the reason why people consume more rice.

Because the carbohydrate content makes rice filling. Although many foods contain carbohydrates such as yams, corn, etc., rice is still more nutritionally complex.

In general, we eat rice that is white, but have you ever seen rice that is colored like green, black, or even yellow?

I've never been, have you ever see ?

Different colors, different tastes, here are some different colors of rice in addition to white:

1. Red Rice

image source : health.kompas.com

The first one you may have known and seen a lot, he is red rice.

This rice is suitable as a substitute for white rice because it is rich in antioxidants and fiber that is very good for the body.

Many people consume red rice for the body's diet needs aka to lose weight.

If white rice has a slightly sweet taste, then it is different from red rice, the taste of this red rice is said to be more bland aka no taste.

Eating red rice every day is okay, with a note that the portion eaten is not too much.

2. Purple Rice

image source : timesindonesia.co.id

Purple rice? Is there? The answer is definitely, purple rice is rice cooked with purple yams. People more often call it purple yam rice.

Because the way it is cooked and the ingredients are almost the same as uduk rice, the difference lies in the addition of purple yams as a natural coloring of uduk rice.

Carbohydrate content in purple yams coupled with rice, guaranteed in one meal will immediately feel very full.

The taste is slightly sweeter compared to other rice because of the purple yams.

3. Blue Rice

image source : nusantarareview.com

Blue rice is rice cooked with telang flower marinade. Yes, the telang flower soak produces a natural blue color.

The result of the marinade is then cooked with white rice so that it produces blue rice.

The benefits obtained from telang flowers are many and good for the health of the body such as improving body memory, preventing stress, etc.

4. Yellow Rice

image source : doyanresep.com

Yellow rice is found in Indonesia. This rice is rich in spices, it tastes savory and smells very fragrant.

The yellow color is produced from the smoothed turmeric.

Yellow rice can be cooked by steaming or using a rice cooker.

5. Green Rice

image source : cookpad.com

Green rice is one of the favorite rice for vegetarians. Because the use of green vegetables into rice adds nutrients and good nutrition.

Vegetables used can also be broccoli or spinach vegetables.

This green rice is very suitable for consumption. with fried sambal and tempeh.

6. Black Rice

image source : cookpad.com

The last one is black rice. Black rice referred to here is not rice derived from black rice, but rice cooked with squid ink.

Black rice is usually used as fried rice and then inked with squid that is black. As a result the color and taste follow from the squid ink.


Those are top 6 best variety of rice colors

Hopefully this article can be useful and add your information in the field of cuisine, especially on rice processing.

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