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Top 6 Delicious And Healthy Vegan Food

Top 6 Delicious And Healthy Vegan Food- Vegan is a lifestyle not to consume animal foods. The goal of some people to do a vegan lifestyle because they can not bear to see animals that are exploited just to eat.

Another reason people with a vegan lifestyle is also due to health factors or for dietary purposes.

People who do a vegan lifestyle are called veganism.

They only eat plant food aka only from plants and do not eat meat or animal products at all.

Due to the limitations of plant-based foods, sometimes confused to eat good vegan food is also healthy.

Take it easy, here I have made a list of good and healthy vegan food. So for those of you who live a vegan lifestyle do not need to be confused anymore.

Here are some good and healthy vegan foods:

1. Oatmeal

image source : fitfoodiefind.com

Oatmeal is a food rich in carbohydrates and nutrients. So it is very suitable as a substitute for rice. It tastes bland aka no taste, for those who are just living a vegan lifestyle will definitely not like oatmeal because it is not used to it.

How to make oatmeal is also very easy, you just have to pour hot water into the bowl of oatmeal, and it is ready to serve.

Oatmeal also has a variety of flavor variants so as not to be boring, ranging from chicken soto flavor, chicken curry, chocolate, etc.

2. Bean

image source : eatthis.com

The family of legumes is numerous, such as green beans, red beans, cashews, peas, beans, peanuts, etc.

Of the many nuts, people prefer green beans and red beans because of their nutritional content more and complete.

The taste of green beans or red beans is sweet, so it is suitable for consumption after the staple food.

Green beans and red beans are usually processed into a delicious and healthy porridge.

3. Vegetable Soup 

image source : rasamasa.com

In addition to beans, vegetable soups also have many variants, such as spinach soup, long bean soup, broccoli soup, etc.

Although there are many variants, vegetable soup is still a healthy food.

Making a good vegetable soup is a cook that is not too long so that its nutritional content does not disappear.

4. Fruit Salad

image source : inews.id

Who doesn't know fruit salad? Food in the form of fresh pieces of fruit and given mayonnaise is a favorite for young people.

Besides delicious, this fruit salad is also very healthy for the body. Because the various nutrients of the fruit instantly become one when eaten.

For those of you who live a vegan lifestyle, making fruit salad without using milk or cheese is also okay, you can use mayonnaise instead of milk and cheese.

A serving of fruit salad is suitable as a dessert.

5. Wheat

image source : alodokter.com

In addition to oatmeal, some foods contain oats such as whole wheat bread, cereals, spelt, to wholegrain paste.

These wheat foods contain high levels of gluten and fiber.

Of course it is very beneficial for the health of the body, because it can make the body's digestion healthier, increase the body's energy, up to heart health.

6. Yams

image source : klikdokter.com

Yams are foods rich in carbohydrates, so they include filling foods.

The type of sweet potato is very easily distinguishable, namely through its color alone. Different types then different flavors too. Yams that have purple and orange color have a sweeter taste compared to white.

The processing of yams today is very many and varied, some as staple foods such as yams are steamed or burned, or there are also as snacks as sweet potato chips for example.


Those are Top 6 Delicious And Healthy Vegan Food

Hopefully this article can be useful for those of you who live a vegan lifestyle and add insight.

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