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10 Best And Most Delicious Tofu Innovations

10 Best And Most Delicious Tofu Innovations

Image source : Pixabay

10 Best And Most Delicious Tofu Innovations - Tofu is a food made from soybeans that are processed and then coagulated. At first glance the making of tofu with tempeh is similar because both use soy, when originally the manufacture of tofu and tempeh is much different.

Tofu has a good nutritional content such as protein and many minerals as well as low calories. So that tofu is worth consuming by anyone.

Because of its good taste and soft texture, tofu becomes one of people's favorite foods. In addition, the price is cheap and easy to find.

Tofu is usually processed into ordinary fried tofu. But because of the creative community, so the innovation of tofu food began to emerge with the presence of various new processed tofu.

From some of these tofu preparations, I have summarized some of the best and best processed innovations.

Here's the summary:

1. Egg Tofu

image source : lifestyle.okezone.co.id

Tofu eggs are actually processed simple tofu, but processed tofu is a favorite in the community.

The way it is made is very easy, tofu cut into square pieces or mashed can also, after that tofu mixed with eggs and fried.

And done, easy isn't it? Egg tofu is commonly consumed with lontong, bean sprouts, and peanut sauce.

2. Tofu Noodles

image source : cookpad.com

Tofu noodles are made from mashed tofu, then given seasoning flour, carrots, leeks, and stirred evenly.

After that the tofu is formed round and given noodles that have been boiled before. Tofu is surrounded with noodles, then fried in hot oil.

Tofu noodles are also called curly tofu.

3. Pepes Tofu

image source : endeus.tv

Processed pepes are a lot of shapes, ranging from fish pepes, tempeh, to pepes tofu. The seasoning used is the same.

Spices such as turmeric, pecans, onion and white are mashed together tofu, then peeled for up to a few minutes.

The aroma of pepes tofu is very fragrant and tastes savory and slightly salty.

4. Walik Tofu

image source : yummy.co.id

Tofu walik is a tofu food that is triangular in shape and contains chicken meat or fish that is mashed together with ice cubes and spices.

Tofu is a typical food of Banyuwangi, East Java province.

Food tofu walik has the meaning of tofu that is reversed, the point is how to fry tofu walik is reversed and different from the way the frying pan tofu in general.

5. Tofu Meatballs

image source : kompas.com

In addition to tofu walik, there is also tofu meatballs. How to make tofu meatballs is actually not much different from tofu walik, the difference lies only in the form of tofu.

Tofu meatballs are square, the inside is removed and filled with chicken meat mashed together with garlic and shallots.

Cooking tofu meatballs can be fried or brushed. It all depends on your taste.

6. Spicy Vegetable Tofu

image source : cookpad.com

As the name suggests, this tofu contains vegetables and pieces of spicy chili. Spicy vegetable tofu is also smeared with seasoning flour to become more chrysanthemum and add to the taste of tofu.

7. Tofu Steak

image source : yummy.co.id

Processed tofu is a little more modern than others. The mashed tofu is shaped like a real steak.

After that it is breadcrumbed and fried.

Lastly, it's served with barbecue sauce and carrots, chickpeas and potatoes to make it more like a steak.

8. Perkedel Tofu

image source : idntimes.com

Tofu cake is made through tofu and seasonings such as shallots, garlic, pepper, and salt are mashed using a blender.

After that it is formed oval round and given a little egg and fried in hot oil.

9. Tofu Bacem

image source : masakapahariini.com

It is dark brown in color and has a slightly sweet taste, that is the characteristic of bacem tofu.

The seasoning of tofu bacem is given a little soy sauce and tamarind to be a coloring and enhancer of delicious sweetness.

10. Bird's Nest Tofu

image source : cookpad.com

Processed tofu is arguably unique. Why? Because this shape of tofu is similar to a bird's nest.

Tofu is formed square, then on top it is given a place for quail eggs that have been boiled.


Those are the 10 best and best tofu innovations.

Hopefully this article can be useful, add insight, and can be your cooking idea.

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