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Top 10 Indonesian Favorite Meatballs Most Consumed

image source : freepik

Top 10 Indonesian Processed Delicious Meatballs Most Consumed - Meatball is a food in the form of beef that is ground with spices and boiled with water or chicken broth.

Although the original meatball food comes from bamboo curtain country aka China, but still in Indonesia this meatball food is very much and easy to find.

Easily found meatballs in Indonesia does not mean only one processed meatballs are found. 

Processed meatballs in Indonesia are very many and varied ranging from form, content, to taste. 

Here are the results of a summary of the best meatballs found in Indonesia:

1. Spicy Meatballs

image source : Yummy.co.id

The first is spicy meatballs. Why spicy meatballs? Because Indonesians love spicy food whatever the form of food.

Like this spicy meatball, meatballs given sambal and pepper become one of the favorite meatballs processed by Indonesian people.

Some spicy meatballs are also given chili filling to increase the spicy taste.

Because the spicy taste makes people become an appetite and want to continuously eat aka addicted!

2. Grilled Meatballs

image source : Pinterest

Processed grilled meatballs are also no less delicious, these meatballs are usually pierced using a skewer, containing 3 meatballs, seasoned with soy sauce, and then burned on charcoal.

After burning the meatballs, then eaten with spicy sambal.

This grilled meatball is suitable in consumption with iced tea as an antidote to the taste of the heat and spicy grilled meatballs.

3. Fish Meatballs

image source : Kumparan.com

As the name implies, meatballs are processed meatballs derived from ground fish meat. This fish meatball is slightly different from the processed meatballs in general, because it is white and a more chewy texture.

Fish meatballs are also usually in addition when making vegetables such as soups.

4. Lobster Meatballs And Crab Meatballs 

image source : ayopurwakarta.con

Lobster meatballs and crab meatballs are one of the processed meatballs that are classified as elite foods. This food has a fairly expensive price value and is rarely found.

Even so, many people try to taste lobster meatballs or crab meatballs. And they also reviewed honestly that lobster or crab meatballs have a good rada!

Lobster or crab wrapped in meatballs is indeed a filling food and gives a different sensation.

5. Cheese Meatballs

image source : style.tribunnews.com

In addition to crab meatballs and lobster, processed meatballs filled with cheese also include elite food. The price is also quite expensive for a portion of meatballs containing this cheese.

Savory meatballs blended with its melted cheese makes the taste of meatballs deliciously, amazing!

6. Volcano Meatballs

image source : magerzone.com

Volcano meatballs are meatballs that are mountain-shaped and contain chili and sambal that taste very spicy!

This meatball philosophy is formed on volcanoes containing lava or hot lava.

This volcano meatball has a large portion! So it must be consumed by more than one person to be able to spend it.

The spicy taste is dapet, the taste can also be good, amazing!

7. Tofu Meatballs 

image source : kompas.com

Tofu meatballs are usually found on the roadside fritters. Tofu meatballs are also suitable to be consumed with chili.

Tofu is formed into a triangle, then the tofu stuffing is replaced with meatball dough that has been made, and fried in hot oil.

Making it is very easy, so it can be done by anyone including you who may want to make your own at home.

8. Balungan Meatballs

image source : traveloka.com

Balungan comes from javanese language which means bone. So balungan meatballs are processed meatballs that add beef bones in the presentation of meatballs.

This meatball is found in central Java, especially in pati karesidenan area.

9. Meatballs Pentol

image source : Cookpad

Pentol meatballs are meatballs that are small and given gravy. Pentol meatballs are usually found in meatball traders who carry motorcycles.

Meatballs pentol is much loved by people ranging from small children to adults.

In addition to the cheaper price, a small size and a lot of amount to be one is a much-loved meatball pentol.

10. Vegetable Meatballs

image source : Cookpad

The last one is vegetable meatballs. This meatball is suitable for consumption by vegetarians. Processed meatballs are made from green vegetables such as spinach or kale.


Those are some of the best delicious meatballs in Indonesia.

Hopefully this article can be useful and add to your insight in the field of Indonesian cuisine, especially meatballs.

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