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Jakarta Cafe Philadelphia : Indonesian Food Nuance

image source : breakingnews.co.id

Jakarta Cafe Philadelphia : Indonesian Food Nuance - Jakarta cafe that has the real name D'jakarta Cafe is a café located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States.

D'jakarta cafe was established in 2017 with the aim to introduce Indonesian food in the United States. In addition, D'Jakarta cafe provides a variety of Indonesian specialties.

Beddy Sonie and Alfitri Ho are the founders of D'Jakarta Cafe. They are Indonesian citizens who have lived in Philadelphia since 2001.

Having good service, prioritizing the comfort of visitors, and serving food wholeheartedly become one of the advantages of D'Jakarta Cafe.

There are also many food menus offered, ranging from appetizers, main meals, to desserts are all here!

Here's the opening menu at D'Jakarta Cafe:

1. Lumpia Bengkoang

image source : cookpad

Lumpia containing vegetables and pieces of dried shrimp is a suitable appetizer!

Bengkoang Lumpia taste is savory and slightly salty, coupled with peanut sauce adds a delicious taste!

2. Perkedel

image source : craftlog.com

 Perkedel is a food of potatoes mashed together with garlic and shallot seasoning, formed round, then fried.

3. Sate Ayam And Sate Kambing

image source : Okezone.com

Chicken (ayam) or goat (kambing) satay is meat that is pierced using skewers, seasoned, then burned. Chicken or goat meat is cut into small pieces to make it easy to eat.

4. Pangsit Goreng And Pangsit Rebus

image source : endeus.tv

Pangsit Goreng or Pangsit Rebus still have a good taste. This Pangsit contains mashed chicken meat.

Those are some appetizers at D'Jakarta Cafe, next is the main meal 

Here are some of the main foods at D'Jakarta Cafe:

1. Rendang 

image source : travistory.com

Rendang is a food made from beef that is seasoned with spices and cooked for a very long time so that the seasoning seeps into the meat.

2. Sapo Tofu

image source : yummy.co.id

Sapo tofu or often called tofu is an egg tofu food that has a very soft and dense texture. In addition, there is also tofu mixed with mixed vegetables or seafood.

3. Fried Chicken

image source : riau24.com

The fried chicken at D'Jakarta Philadelphia Cafe uses sweet sour sauce to complement the fried chicken so that it is not too bland when eaten.

4. Fried Fish And Grilled Fish

image source : selerasa.com

Fried fish is the same processing as fried chicken. While the grilled fish is a fish that is seasoned with soy sauce and then burned. This fish dish is given sambal as a friend to eat.

5. Fried Squid And Fried Shrimp 

image source : doyanresep.com

The squid is cleaned , then fried in hot oil , then given butter sauce to make it more delicious and delicious.

Similarly to squid, shrimp is also cooked in such a way and given a butter sauce.

6. Bakso Djakarta And Bakso Super

image source : pergikuliner.com

The difference between Bakso Djakarta and Bakso Super lies in the portion size and filling.

One portion of Bakso Djakarta contains tofu, meatballs, and pangsit goreng and then given meatball soup. The size of the meatballs is small.

While Bakso Super contains pangsit goreng , tofu, and meatballs that are very large! The meatballs also contain chicken eggs.

7. Soto Betawi

image source : setubabakanbetawi.com

This is the favorite menu of D'Jakarta Cafe customers, Soto Betawi. This soto has a slightly orange color and has strong spices.

Even some Indonesians living in the United States often order soto betawi.

Soto betawi is a typical food from the city of Jakarta, Indonesia.

8. Bakmi 

image source : bayoranteknik.co.id

The bakmi offered at D'Jakarta Cafe have many types. Such as Bakmi Kepiting, Bakmi Djakarta, Bakmi Ayam Jamur, Bakmi Ijo, and Bakmi Goreng Djakarta.

The taste is not much different, the difference lies in the toppings used.

9.  Rice Platter

image source : resepistimewa.com

Yellow rice, as the name suggests, is yellow because of the spices used such as lemongrass, turmeric, and pandanus. Not only delicious, this rice also smells good.

As a complement, yellow rice is usually given dried tempeh, small cut omelette, beans, and sambal.

Nasi Rendang, rice given rendang meat full of spices.

Nasi Goreng, seasoned rice, then given a little soy sauce and fried until cooked. Egg ceplok as a companion fried rice food.

Capcay rice, rice given a variety of vegetables such as cabbage, carrots, broccoli, etc. Capcay rice is suitable for vegetarians!

10. Ketoprak

imags source : travelingyuk.com

Ketoprak is a food in the form of lontong, tofu, and vegetables and then given peanut sauce.

D'Jakarta Cafe Closing Menu :

1. Fried Banana

image source : satu jam.com

Bananas are sliced and floured and fried. After that it is served with chocolate milk and a sprinkling of cheese.

2. Ropang

image source : nibble.id

Ropang is a kind of bread that is baked and then given a spread of chocolate, a sprinkling of cheese, and milk to its sweetness.

3. Rujak

image source :wistakul.com

Rujak is a variety of fruits such as mango, pineapple, etc. After that it is given peanut sauce.


That's the article about D'Jakarta Cafe Philadelphia.

If you are interested in visiting D'Jakarta Cafe Philadelphia, you can visit the following locations:

1540 West Ritner Street Philadelphia, Pa-19145 215 - 463 8888.

D'Jakarta Cafe is present on Tuesdays-Sundays with opening hours of 11 am - 8pm.

If you want to order food at D'Jakarta Cafe can also be through Uber eats, Grub Hub, Caviar, Doordash, and Postmates.

This article is published through the website reference : djakartacafephilly.com

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