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Delicious ! Mozzarella Sticks Fast Food : Easy To Cook

image source : begini.id

Delicious ! Mozzarella Sticks Fast Food : Easy To Cook - Mozzarella cheese is a cheese made from milk made by pasteurization. This famous cheese comes from Italy. 

Making mozzarella cheese can use cow's milk or buffalo milk, different animals are also processed.

There are already many foods that use mozzarella cheese as stuffing, toppings, etc.

Not without reason, mozzarella cheese is very suitable to be made a variety of processed foods because of its delicious, savory, and slightly salty taste, the melt of mozzarella cheese can make anyone want to try it.

Like one example is the delicious snack sticks of mozzarella cheese.

This mozzarella cheese stick is very easy to make and can be enjoyed by anyone, including you!

Curious? Let's look at the process of making mozzarella cheese sticks:

Mozzarella Cheese Stick Making Ingredients

  1. Flour
  2. Bread Flour ( Panir Flour)
  3. Egg
  4. Mozzarella cheese
  5. Cooking oil

Note: For the measure of ingredients depending on the taste of each.

Steps to Make Mozzarella Cheese Sticks 

  1. First, you have to prepare three different places. The place is for laying ingredients such as wheat flour, bread flour, and eggs.
  2. Cut a long shape mozzarella cheese with a size of about 6-8 cm depending on taste.
  3. Then put the pieces of cheese in the egg place, then grease them with flour.
  4. Tip: Repeat the process of dividing the cheese into eggs and flour up to three times to make it denser in texture and not out of the cheese during the frying process.
  5. Next, spread the cheese into the breadcrumbs, in a handful so that it sticks with the cheese.
  6. Finally, frying mozzarella cheese sticks, frying mozzarella cheese sticks using a large amount of oil or commonly called deep frying
  7. Fry the mozzarella cheese sticks until they are yellow and slightly browned.
  8. And done, just drain.

image source : inibaru.id

It's easy not how to make mozzarella cheese sticks? This mozzarella cheese stick is very suitable in consumption when it is still hot so that the mozzarella cheese melts.

Once you've got the mozzarella cheese sticks, you're free to create - like being eaten with hot sauce or added with sweet milk.

In addition to frying, mozzarella cheese sticks can also be baked! 

If you're still curious, let's see how:

For the ingredients of making grilled mozzarella cheese sticks are actually the same as before, which consists of:

  1. Breadcrumbs 
  2. Flour
  3. Egg
  4. Mozzarella cheese

How to Make Grilled Mozzarella Cheese Sticks

  1. First, cut mozzarella cheese in a size of 6-8 cm. After that put it in the freezer in approximately 2-3 hours.
  2. Use three containers of different places to lay eggs, panir flour, and wheat flour.
  3. Once frozen, then grease a stick of mozzarella cheese into the flour, then dip it in an egg container, repeating this process up to three times.
  4. Next, put a stick of mozzarella cheese into a container of panir flour aka breadcrumbs.
  5. After all the process is complete, place the mozzarella cheese stick into the grill container.
  6. Finally, just put it in the oven, then bake it at 200 degrees Celsius within 6 minutes.
Note: before grilling a stick of mozzarella cheese, it is best to preheat the oven for more optimal results.

It's all done, when it's cooked just served and the creations to taste.


That's the article about mozzarella cheese sticks as a good snack 

Hopefully this article can be useful and add to your insights in the culinary field, especially the cheese food processing section.

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