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Rendang And Co : Best Bistro Indonesian Food

image source : giftly.com

Rendang And Co : Best Bistro Indonesian Food  - Rendang And Co is a bistro serving Indonesian specialties and located in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Rendang and co was founded by an Indonesian citizen who lives in the United States named Asnul Bahri. He is the birthplace of the city of Padang and named his bistro rendang and co because one of the famous foods in Padang is Rendang

Although the bistro name is Rendang and co, the food served is not only rendang but also a variety of Indonesian specialties with the aim of introducing Indonesian food to the Worldwide.

Here are top 14 typical Indonesian food at Bistro Rendang And Co:

1. Nasi Padang

image source : kompas.con

First the rice field, why? Because this is one of the mainstay menus found in Rendang and Co. Nasi Padang Restaurant is rice flavored with Indonesian spices with few vegetables and using side dishes.

2. Bakwan Corn

image source : piknikdong.com

Bakwan corn is a side dish commonly consumed by Indonesian people as a companion to rice. Made of wheat flour and mixed with corn and fried to make it taste delicious.

3. Grilled Meatballs

image source : sweetrip.com

Grilled meatballs that are pierced into skewers and then burned with soy sauce seasoning, it tastes so good! This food is also a companion food when eating rice.

4. Martabak Telur 

image source : topwisata.info

Martabak telur is a food that is square in shape and sliced into small pieces. It usually contains chopped duck eggs, vegetables and beef.

5. Rendang

image source : Solopos.com

Rendang is a food that has spices and is rich in spices. This rendang food is also one of the best food in the world!

The color is black because it is cooked for a very long time up to hours, making the seasoning seep into the chicken meat.

6. Dendeng Balado

imave source : resepkoki.id

Dendeng balado is meat / beef sliced very thinly and fried and given a spicy sambal.

7. Various Processed Chicken

image source : sukasukaamel.com

The chicken menu is served such as gulai chicken, curry chicken, fried chicken, and green chili chicken 

Although the processed is different, the resulting taste is the same, which is just as good!

8. Fish Pepes

image source : suara.com

Fish pepes are fish foods that are seasoned with yellow and then brushed until infused. This food is very good when consumed with rice.

9. Chicken Satay and Goat Satay

image source : langsungenak.com

Satay is meat that is cut into small pieces and then roasted on embers along with delicious soy sauce seasoning.

10. Chicken Soto

image source : masakapahariini.com

Chicken soto is rice served with ayam suiran, bean sprouts, vermicelli, and lime juice.  The color of soto soup is usually yellow which is rich in spices.

11. Meatball Soup With Broccoli

image source : cookpad.com

Broth with hot meatballs mixed with broccoli vegetables. Because of its small portions, this food is suitable as an appetizer aka appetizer.

12. Siomay

image source : resepistimewa.com

Siomay is a type of food made from fish meat seasoned and floured and then brushed. Siomay food is usually served with tofu, cabbage, potatoes, chicken eggs, and peanut sauce.

13. Fried Vermicelli 

image source : resepedia.id

The shape of vermicelli food is at first glance similar to noodles. Whereas the original is very different, vermicelli if cooked texture is drier and rougher while the noodles texture is soft and dense.

Vermicelli food is eaten with vegetables and eggs.

14. Spaghetti 

image source : cookpad.com

Spaghetti food presented at Rendang and co has a different taste than other spaghetti!

Spaghetti here gives extra rendang meat that tastes so good!

Those are some of the food at Rendang Bistro Dan Co, actually there is more, if you are curious, please visit directly through the following address: 

5083 E.51 St.Tulsa, OK 74135


That's Rendang And Co is the best place Bistro Indonesian Food.

Hopefully this article can be useful and add to your insights about Indonesian food and Indonesian food places in the United States.

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