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Top 8 Delicious And Favorite Doughnut Toppings Ever !

image source : pixabay

Top 8 Delicious And Favorite Doughnut Toppings Ever ! - Food that is round, has a sweet taste, soft texture and expands is a characteristic of doughnuts.

Who doesn't know donuts? This food is very familiar among the public and famous almost all over the world.

Of course doughnuts taste good when there are additional toppings. The function of the topping as an enhancer of the taste in doughnuts.

Until now, doughnut toppings are a lot of amounts and a variety of shapes and flavors. This can happen because people continue to develop creations and innovate doughnuts in order to survive and not be lost in the era.

In addition, people from year to year are also often bored because of the taste that same usually.

Therefore, the increase and development of doughnut toppings here plays a role in the level of doughnut consumption in the community.

The good news is that doughnuts are still a frequently consumed food due to the development of doughnut toppings.

Even from some of these toppings become favorites and can be called the best ever.

Curious? Let's take a look at the best doughnut toppings favorite fan ever to date:

1. Chocolate Donuts 

image source : selerasa.com

Chocolate doughnuts, I deliberately put it at number 1 because it becomes the most popular topping of the community.

The chocolate topping here is divided into 2 types, namely traditional doughnut toppings using chocolate meses and modern doughnut toppings such as Nutella chocolate jam.

The use of these toppings depends on each seller. Still whether using chocolate meses or chocolate jam like Nutella, the taste of doughnuts will still be delicious!

2. Cheese Donuts

image source : tokopedia.com

Where there's chocolate there's cheese. Those words are true, aren't they?

The use of cheese toppings can almost be pinned to all foods including donuts.

Doughnuts are creamed and then given a topping of cheese on top - that's something we commonly find in doughnut sellers.

Recently there was a new innovation of cheese toppings, namely cheese doughnuts that doubled in delicious. It's a doughnut filled with melted mozarella cheese and the top is sprinkled with cheddar cheese.

3. Matcha donuts

image source : shopee.co.id

Matcha or also called green tea is also a new topping. Whether it's drinks or food, we often find matcha flavor.

If in doughnuts, matcha is used as a topping that has a very sweet and legit taste. 

In addition to having a good taste, matcha doughnut topping is also healthy because the content contained in green tea is very much and certainly good for the body.

4. Peanuts Donuts

image source : langsungenak.com

Although the use of peanut toppings against doughnuts is often called traditional alias alias is not modern, but still for doughnut connoisseurs do not mind hearing that.

Often people use peanut toppings as a companion to flavors such as chocolate, cheese, etc.

Whereas originally peanuts can also be used as the main topping such as the use of peanut butter into foods including doughnuts.

Until now, peanut butter doughnut toppings have also been a favorite for doughnut connoisseurs.

5. Strawberry Donuts

image source : larittabakery.com

In addition to chocolate and cheese, there is also strawberry as the best topping of doughnuts. The use of strawberry toppings on doughnuts has its own interest in consumers.

Beautiful colors, fragrant aromas, and delicious sweetness are factors that people like strawberry topping doughnuts.

6. Cappuccino Doughnuts

image source : cookpad.com

In addition to drinks, cappucino can also be used as a delicious doughnut topping! The distinctive taste of cappucino often makes people interested in feeling it.

7. Taro Donuts

image source : shopee.co.id

Taro aka taro is often called purple yams, when in terms of taste is clearly different. The recent addition of taro toppings has attracted quite a lot of people.

The original taste of taro is actually bland aka no taste, but because of the function in doughnuts as a topping, then added sweetener to taste more delicious.

Taro toppings on doughnuts are included in the glaze topping.

8. Vanilla Donuts

image source : larittabakery.com

The next glaze topping is vanilla. Vanilla toppings in doughnuts are also the best and favorite toppings in the community, because their sweet taste and bright color make anyone want to try.


Those are the 8 best and most favorite doughnut toppings ever.

The content of this article is written in a personal opinion rather than on actual data. 

Hopefully this article can be useful and add to your insights in the culinary field.

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